R.L.Harrison Ltd

With a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry, R. L. Harrison Construction Ltd have completed projects for many commercial clients within a range of sectors including food production, water treatment works, social housing and private estates.

Industrial / Commercial Services

R L Harrison Construction Ltd undertakes a full range of construction and refurbishment services.The company has a full complement of staff with professional qualifications and management experience together with first class supervision of operatives.

Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding

We have previous experience of working within the food and beverage sector – installing plastic hygienic cladding for manufacturing environments. We are able to offer hygienic cladding which is a cost effective, maintenance free choice for any area where long­‐term hygiene is important.

Whitewall Panelling

At R L Harrison Construction Limited we can provide a one stop shop for the installation of whitewall panelling. We can undertake any alterations or building work required as part of the package.

Health and Safety

R.L.Harrison Construction Limited takes its responsibility towards Health & safety very seriously and is continually investing in the training of it’s employees to ensure that all staff within the company have up to date Health and Safety training  and certification.