Whitewall Panelling

At R L Harrison Construction Limited we can provide a one stop shop for the installation of whitewall panelling.

Whitewall panelling comes in various types

  • Insulated panel with PIR
  • Firestop insulated mineral fibre fire panel
  • Standard panel with polystyrene
  • Standard panel with extruded polystyrene, or Styrofoam panels for colder environments.

White walling can be used for:-

  • Compartment walling
  • Firewall requirements
  • Stand alone cold and chillstore construction
  • Blast freezer room construction
  • Additional rooms in factory, lab rooms, engineering rooms
  • Party walls or dividing walls

If you need a cast concrete plinth for panels to sit on to protect from forklift damage at low level we can provide this requirement.

As we’re builders we can undertake any alterations or building work required as part of the package.

A major issue in food production areas is contamination and we can contain areas to enable a dust free installation and if necessary cut materials outside production areas to reduce dust levels inside.


Whitewall PanellingThe whitewall panelling we have fitted varies in thickness from 40mm -250mm dependent on height, spans, product selected and u values required.

  • Whitewall benefits over alternative partition options
  • Heights of up to 12 metres (differing products vary)
  • Spans of up to 9.2 m (differing products vary)
  • Speed and ease of erection
  • Ease of installing doors and windows in new or existing whitewall panels
  • Contained areas walls and roof
  • Joint options interlock or secret fix
  • High insulation values of a consistent nature (no cold spots)
  • Fire resistance
  • Differing finishes and colours such as HP200 leather grain finish, 27 micron poly vinyl fluoride finish, white food safe laminate for hygienic areas

Take a look out our photos of white walling work undertaken to date.